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Group Tours

We organise your accommodation, bike rental and luggage transfer.

All Group tours include a guide accompanying you to ensure everything runs smoothly and depart on set dates. These holidays offer a great opportunity to meet like minded cyclists from all over the world and enjoy swapping stories and camaraderie each day.

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Self Guided Tours

As with our group cycles we organise your accommodation, bike rental and luggage transfer.

However there is no guide or group so there is great flexibility on your departure date. Typically the biking can start any day of the week throughout the summer, although there are some restrictions on certain tours.

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Sportive Tours

We have been running sportive cycles since 2009.

All trips are tried and tested and have been fantastic successes in the past, a great way to really challenge yourself as well as enjoying the stunning scenery and camaraderie of fellow cyclists. Every year we also organise a number of sportive tours in Ireland & France for private groups and clubs, please contact our office directly to discuss different options available.

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Bike / Boat Tours

These trips have proved to be a fantastic success

The option of being able to sleep in the same place each night but yet explore a new destination each day seems to have struck a chord.

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Bespoke Tours

We have been running tours in Ireland for 25 years and have extensive knowledge of the country's back roads.

We set up many tours for private groups that are organised to specific requirements and bespoke routes...

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